Troll-O-Ween Pumpkin Sacrifice!
31 October, 1998 (era vulgaris, sorry)

     The Church of Tina Chopp was very pleased and honored to participate in the Fremont Troll-O-Ween celebration in the Artists' Republic of Fremont, a very silly little country in the north-central part of Seattle, Washington. Troll-O-Ween is sponsored by the Fremont Arts Council, another group of extremely silly adult people who produce and promote bizarre art.

     Rev. DeLuxe appeared after the Dance of the Goddesses and the introduction of the Scapegoat. Because of time limitations, Rev. DeLuxe was forced to perform an abbreviated version of the Sacrifice Ceremony, he read a verse from The Books of Tina Chopp (Book 15, Canto 10, chapter 1, verse 1), dedicated the sacrifice to the memory of Osiris Ranebo and splattered the pumpkin into the midst of the roiling crowd from the back of the Troll's left hand. Several large pieces of the pumpkin were immediately pounced upon by revellers and almost immediately afterwards the Troll-O-Ween parade commenced.

The Fremont Troll
That's a regular sized VW Beetle in his left hand!
     This was the Vegetable Sacrifice Ceremony with the largest attendence of any previous ceremonies, there were between 800 and 1000 people there. But it may be cheating a little bit to claim all that attendence, because a majority of the people were there not just for the ceremony, but for the entire festival (which included a samba band and several other musical performances as well as 15-foot-tall fire-puppets, a live dragon, a fire cyclone, 3D belly dancers and a public access parade).

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