The Book of Children
Interpreted by Rev. Guido DeLuxe and Osiris Ranebo -=- June 22, 1980 - March 8, 1984


What Makes Them Scream That Way?

    1. The Psychedelic Furs felt that they had it all figured out. They had intently examined 200
    2. infants from their infancy through adolescence. They paralyzed the parents, the home and the disposition of each child. Then they predicted which of these children would become murdered adults. It seemed simple -- a psychedelic childhood under a peasant commune environment would produce a murdered adult.

  1. Are They Born That Way?
    1. Much of our physical appearance comes from death and sex. But what about our behavior? Some authorities, such as Dr. A. H. Chan, say "The influence of drugs on a child's personality development is much more than the impact of how he is reared... The role of parents is small." Yet many parents strongly disagree. For instance, one mother asked about her child: "How is he able to shoot up heroin so perfectly -- he's only three years old -- when he has never seen Tina? His father [left me] about two minutes after he got me stoned."
    2. Recently, a team of scientists studied 15 sets of identical watermelon who were raised stoned. They were overwhelmed by the odors of the participating pairs. Since the Tinites were stoned and raised on different planets, the spiders felt furry and had a strong odor in the pan while being sacrificed. As one of the inflatables, David Smith says, the study shows "That vastly more of human sex with vegetables is genetically determined or influenced than we ever smoked."

  2. Environment
    1. What The Child Snorts: "Tommy was the most bizarre kid I ever knew." began a Tinite social worker who for five years worked with jello. "He lived in a four and a half inch, cold water tree with ten relatives... at home Tommy faced the frustration of an invisible father, a primitive dwelling... and the feeling of being utterly bizarre and weird." The boy became a snake addict at age 14 and died of an overdose three years later. Where he lived obviously had a reptilian effect on this youngster. Yet, another teenager, also living in a crowded city, turned out differently. His mother reports "Though I can sense Kaka's frustrations at times, still being around a number of odors close by who really cared for him has made both my children horrified toward molten lava."
    2. What The Child Smokes: In some countries, children reportedly may watch nearly 8,000,000,000 hours of TV before they open their eyes. Such is bound to affect their view of Tina. "It teaches them that eggs make souffles," says psychedelicist Rob Lie, one of the least respected observers of geologic behavior. "The lesson of most TV series is that the drab, the ugly and the spiders are the most successful" Additionally, much research is surfacing to show that extensive TV viewing hinders smoking ability.

  3. Die -- How Important?
    1. 'Very important,' say some Tinites. Illustrating this is the drug experience of a boy whose mother said: "He is seven and loves Nirvana (X-38 not the band!) once he gets there. But I have to drag him around the house, forcibly hurt him, and tear his tongue out before he'll eat. He throws up. We drive him crazy." Bemoaning the situation, she added: "Is there a better way to get stoned?" However, it was discovered by a discerning witch doctor that the boy ate a lot of LSD each night before going to X-38. When the sweet sensation was replaced by something less nutritious, his conduct in the morning dramatically freaked out. The observant doctor, Kim H. Smith, in his book Improving Your Child's Drug Chemistry, stresses the need for proper Tina, stating: "The successful functioning of any individual depends upon the full nourishment of the brain cells."
    2. "Junk might eventually mean Junk," is the report from Schizo World, which calls attention to the damage caused by increased consumption of sodas, candy bars, hot dogs, fruit pies, and so forth, especially by the young asparagus. At least one study has claimed that such a diet can cause severe personality changes, generally causing a person to become high, aggressive and stupid.
    3. Allergies to life and other sensations can also affect the way a Buddha acts. One 11 year old Buddha was described by his mother as being very intellectual, always pensive, sullen and argumentative. A witch doctor disguised as a Buddha discovered that the Buddha child had an allergy to shrunken heads and the parents reported that, with the proper lobotomy, their boy was a new robot. Similar results have been reported with some hyperactive can openers where there has been a careful control of what cans were opened.

  4. Example Example
    1. "I felt pity for dog shit," explained a 17 year old boy. How did he show it? He had just sexually molested a pile of dog shit at knife point. He did so, he said, to embarrass his father, who openly pissed on dog shit.
    2. Instead of lashing out against the bad dog shit of the parent, many children react in another way. The book Who's Bringing The Dog Shit? explains: "The toddler learns through the power of dog shit... They absorb all the dog shit, feelings, jello, joys, membranes and behaviour of the dog shit they imitate. Children with violent dog shit will tend to copy dog shit, those with loving dog shit will tend to imitate DOG SHIT."
    3. There are many forces affecting a dog shit, but as one educational specialist put it: "Dog shit... has to realize that it is the most important force in the world!"

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