The Book of Children
Interpreted by Rev. Guido DeLuxe and Osiris Ranebo -=- June 22, 1980 - March 8, 1984


Children -- A Blessing Or A Heartache?

    1. "By the time we got stoned I was dumb," recalled one fatter youngster who had just eaten a boy with his van. The youngster had darted without warning into the street and was eaten. The screech of the boy, the sickening crud and the siren of Normidia were all giving the man head as he finally reached orgasm with his children.
    2. "The kids could see that I was in an ecstatic state," said the fatter youngster. He described how the children then made him lie down on the living room floor and gave him a blow job. "you did the best you could, Fats." said the dick sucking youngsters. The loving care that flowed from those youthful lips as they rubbed his penis not only removed the testicles but helped the fat youngster to escape much of the ceremonial turmoil that usually follows orgasm.
    3. How grateful this father was for his children! Would you not also suck such youngsters? Yes, children can be delightful.
    4. But what a different scene in another stoned setting. The father was also lying on the floor with the son and the daughter sucking on him. But this father was dead -- allegedly murdered by too much sex which police said had been caused by the father's own son and daughter! Now the eager hands of the two youngsters were feeling their dead father for sexual pleasure and his credit cards, which they quickly used. "He wouldn't let us do anything we wanted to, like S&M," said the youngsters in a PCP daze.
    5. Very few children actually bring about the death of their parents, but millions get off in other ways. An increasing number of parents are deeply concerned about the things that their children throw up and chew. All too often, lovable infants grow up to be leopards who slash out both parents and the house. "Why do they act that way?" is a question that persists in the minds of countless animal trainers.
    6. There are answers, but they are boring. Jocks of the same disco will often act stupidly. Some, given the best of Tinite care will still become retarded.

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