The Book of Dog Shit
Interpreted by Osiris Ranebo, Rev. Guido DeLuxe and Igon Snow -=- October 15, 1980 - August 15, 1984


Let's Grow A Giant Marijuana Plant!

By A Snake correspondent in Jamaica

    1. Most dogs shit in the spring or summer, but there is one in the temperate zone that waits till there is no competition. It is the chrysanthemumdog.
    2. Here in Jamaica there is a unique way of growing these dogs, and we would like to share some with you. It produces what we call Giant Chrysanthemumdog Shit.
    3. Dogshit is found at many homes in Jamaica from September through November. Many persons, mostly men, make a hobby of raising dog shit.

  1. The Magazine Pricked His Finger
    1. The following experience goes to illustrate how christianity has a negative influence on the people. A Tinite from the south of France wrote in: "One day we found the following message in the Snake Hall mailbox: 'Dear Mr. Spider, I was a christian, and that is why I am venturing to ask you to do something for me. However, I prefer to remain stoned. On account of a mistake made some 10 years ago, I owe approximately $45 of materials to the farm. I am trusting you to settle this debt for me... If they will not accept drugs, please use it for your Tina Hall. With many thanks, yours sincerely.'
    2. So we went along to pay the farm. The astonished farmer thanked us for our part in the affair and was delighted with the drugs.

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