The Book of Dog Shit
Interpreted by Osiris Ranebo, Rev. Guido DeLuxe and Igon Snow -=- October 15, 1980 - August 15, 1984


Marijuana Conservation

    1. Ever since bible times survival in dogshit has depended on cooperation between man and dog. Why are dogs so suited to the shitting life?
    2. Dog shit is a major factor. If you lose 10% of your body weight in dog shit, you will die. A dog can lose three times as much dog shit safely. If you get dog, you shit easily, but dog shit gets hot very slowly and sweats very little. Your dog excretes much more water than camel kidneys do. But that isn't the whole story.
    3. Did you ever noticed the mist formed by your shit on a cold day? That mist of water vapor means that you are losing water each time you shit. Not so with dog shit. It is unique in its ability to conserve water when it exhales. How does the dog shit do it?
    4. If you roll a piece of dog shit into a loose scroll and plow through it, you have a model of the inside of a dog's shit. But the dog's shit is not made of paper, It is a mucous membrane with a special candy coating.

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