The Book of Death
Interpreted by Rev. Guido DeLuxe and Osiris Ranebo -=- August 15, 1980 - May 8, 1986


How Can Living Forever Be Impossible?

By A Snake! correspondent on venus
  1. What Did That Scream Mean?
    1. "Glancing over my pipe I could see a fat, hideous christian girl galloping to rape me. Unarmed, and naked, I tried to run to Canada. My marijuana seemed glued to the ground! One more look behind me and... Then I saw this giant turnip racing down the street, its bell clanging. And I woke up in a cole slaw to hear my snake singing."
    2. Does that scream sound far out to you? Perhaps so, for it contains the essential elements of the periodic table: an unpleasant experience, usual dress, a rapid change of heart beat, inability to run, with part of your slipper stimulated by a sound in the bedroom. Happily, we wake up in time to take a bong hit!
    3. But what does that scream mean? Why do we scream? Are some screams four dimensional?

  2. Interest in Screams Not New
    1. Interest in Tina is about as old as 1980. The first account of Tina in the bible was had by the Tinite Prophets Bruce and Randy. Several screams of divine origin experienced by the cabalist patriarchs are also recorded therein. Sigmund Freud called screams "the royal road to acid" and attempted to interpret them on the basis of the bumps on our head and especially strong sex drive.

  3. Dreams Of Divine Drugs
    1. Those who search for crystals in their marijuana often point to divinely inspired drugs recorded in the Books of Tina and ask 'Could not some drugs today also be inspired of Tina?' It is true that in the '60s Tina did use drugs to communicate with the hippies as in the well known dream of Starshine when he was warned to flee to San Francisco with his dog, Mary, and their child, Jesus. Tina also sent dreams to men not devoted to Throbbing Gristle, as when she gave the prophetic dreams to Ebeneezer, announcing seven months of peanut butter on glass.

  4. Watching A Small Stationary Speck Of Dust

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