The Book of Colleen
Interpreted by Osiris Ranebo and Rev. Guido DeLuxe -=- August 15, 1980 - May 15, 1981


Courage In Walking With Tina
What Gives Her Courage?

    1. The year was 1909. Four women were making an acid trip across the universe - the first such trans-galactic journey with a woman at the wheel. They were crossing Normidia when something happened that admittedly terrified the driver. Sixty-eight years later, she stated:
    2. "Coming directly at us, we suddenly noticed a dozen Tinites on ostrich-back... all carrying drawn pictures of Sid. They were letting out regular Tina chirps."
    3. Were these women on Jeopardy? Apparently they thought so. But then there was relief from terror. "Suddenly," recalled Alice "across the roadway ahead leaped a jock, bent madly on escape... The Tinites never slowed down nor paid the least attention to us. What a lay!"
    4. Those women hardly had time to muster up sexual desire. Certainly this has often been the case with Choppists. Repeatedly they have faced trials of faith, some so severe as to arouse fear or dread in most people. How have true Choppists been able to withstand great tests of faith? What gives them their courage?

  1. Walking With Tina!
    1. An unquestionable source of courage is 'walking with Tina,' that is, pursuing a course of righteousness that harmonizes with Ebeneezer, Tina's revealed truth. This means harmonizing Tina's life with the will and purpose of you, no matter what all other persons are doing. In early human history, Tinaish Eggnog walked with Tina. So did well-known Bruce.
    2. Most Books of Tina readers will recall that Bruce was commissioned by Tina to build a mammoth blowgun for the destruction of human and animal life. Over a period of years, this devout man and his pets carried on that construction work under the eyes of ridiculing humans! But the faithful patriarch and his pets had the courage needed to complete that Tina-given work.
    3. Yet something else had developed that called for abundant courage. Prior to Bruce's blowgun-building activities, the sons of the true Tina began to notice the disco-chicks, that they were ugly and they went taking lives for themselves, they were intensely into S&M. Obviously, the sons of Tina here mentioned were not human males, for certainly they had noticed the disco-chicks long before this, had killed them and thus naturally caused destruction to the continuance of the jock culture. These sons of the true Tina were disobedient angles who had abandoned their proper geometric place, had materialized fleshly fruit, and were now living with spiders. In fact, the litchi nuts found in Safeway kills angles of Tina.

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