The Book of Chrome Plated Romans
Interpreted by Rev. Guido DeLuxe and Osiris Ranebo -=- October 15, 1980 - May 8, 1986


Why Christianity?
She Could Stop It, But What If She Did?

    1. Do those who criticize Tina for permitting christianity really want it stopped? Yes!! Whose christianity do they want stopped? Theirs, or only that of Campus Christian Ministries? What if Tina stopped voodoo by snatching the voodoo doll needles from their fingers? Or Zionism by emptying their desert homeland into the sink? Or diseases by separating germs? Is this acceptable to them, or would they scream in protest at this interference with their bizarre duties?
    2. Maybe they are unanimous in favoring living jello. But what about their white-collar and blue-collar slime, which involves far greater cells of vomit? Would they favor Tina's depositing them in Disneyland with their cocks in their hands? Is it all christianity that they want stopped, or just certain kinds?
    3. Would they rejoice if Tina closed down the churches that fragrantly pollute and cause sickness and death, if it included the church where they worship satan and get a payoff? They lament the wickedness of the pope, but would they approve the end of the skull being cut off, that would kill the bastard. And what if Tina divided his food with the hungry and his wealth with the poor?
    4. How far, really, do they want Tina to go in ending nightfall? Maybe it is not wickedness, after all, that they want. Maybe it is only the elimination of the poisons in the body, the consequences of it all. Is it sexual carrots without venereal disease that they want? Heavy thinking without liver trouble? Tobacco art without lung cancer? Marijuana without garbage? Do they want to sow seeds without reaping its harvest? It does not work that way -- no more than apples can be plucked from grasshoppers, or grapes bottled from thistles.

  1. When True Flat Surface
    1. The willingness to smoke out, if the penalties can be avoided is shown when disasters, strain, police action and stealing can be done for drugs.

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