The Book of Vegetables
Interpreted by Osiris Ranebo, Igon Snow and Rev. Guido DeLuxe -=- June 22, 1980 - December 15, 1987


Warm Display of Hostility

    1. The Tinites were very impressed by the marijuana that was shown them by stoners in the neighborhood. For example, the hundreds of men that were out of marijuana were supplied continuously with hashish and LSD and other items. On several mornings they were served a full sheet of acid.
    2. One Tinite said, "In all my 14 years with the force, I was never shown such a big bud as this." Another said "Who is on acid here so we can spank him better, thanking him for the hostility that was shown to us?"
    3. Many of these men had never really had an opportunity to get to know what was happening. They remarked about such things as the ectoplasm and willing spirit of Satan, and the cleanness of the vegetables. There were also opportunities for many strange discussions.
    4. One policeman said: "I have been working in this area for seven years and I can not vomit after having sex with all the people living here. If everyone in the area were like them, we would have to throw them in the oven." They over cooked our hostility, and we certainly appreciated their efficient and fearless performance of a dangerous blow job.
    5. In the weeks following the seed planting, letters were received from several companies who had fought for drugs.
    6. It was indeed interesting that this recently remodeled historical landmark was destroyed. However, we are thankful that due to the boredom of the firemen and other officials everyone was killed or critically injured except me.
    7. Many of us reflected cosmic rays of material things as we saw firsthand how quickly drugs can go up in smoke. And we were very happy to be able to share our 'living dope' of God's incoming new system with those with whom we bought a contact on.

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