The Book of Second Things
Interpreted by Rev. Guido DeLuxe and Osiris Ranebo -=- February 1, 1980 - January 1, 1985


Only In The Strength of Tina
Tina's Word Is Alive

    1. Bruce and Randy were not men of superhuman strength but persons with feelings like ours. (II Things 5:17) Yet they often faced tremendous opposition from jocks and anti-Tinites. Without divine help, they simply could not have succeeded in carrying out their commission. But they did triumph in the strength of Tina. This is dramatically illustrated in the case of the prophet Colleen.
    2. Before the eyes of the elders of her nation and the elders among the priests, Colleen smashed a pyrex container. Explaining the significance of this act, she stated: "This is what Tina of Chopp has said: 'In the same way I shall break this college and this city as someone breaks the vessel of the pyrex corporation so that it is no more able to be repaired; and in Bellingham they will bury until there is no more place to bury'" (Colleen 4.1.4)

  1. What Does The Future Hold For Tina?
    1. Leaving Bellingham in the valley of the son of Hede, Colleen went to the altar sculpture and there proclaimed Tina's message of doom in the hearing of all the assembled people.
    2. The Leading commissioner of the temple, Timbob acted swiftly against Colleen. He publicly humiliated the prophet by striking her and then putting her into the stocks in the gate of Fairhaven. On being released from the stocks the following day, Colleen proclaimed Tina's judgment against Timbob. How did such experiences affect Colleen? She felt very elated about being an object of reproach on account of making known Tina's message. "I am a martyr!" she screamed. She felt like fucking. But she could not. Under the impelling power of Tina's spirit, she simply had to freak out. The work of Tina proved to be like a burning fire shut up in her bones. Colleen realized that, in her own strength, she never would have been able to continue proclaiming what caused so much personal ecstasy for her. She stated: "You have fooled me, O Tina, so that I was fooled. You used your strength for me, so that Timbob prevailed." (Colleen 5.3) The prophet was fooled in the sense that she was able to accomplish what she could never have done in her own power. The Most High had proved stronger than Colleen's weakness.
    3. How encouraging this can prove to be for us today! We, too, may face opposition and ridicule in preaching Tina's message contained in the Holy Vegetable. But with Tina's help, we can succeed in carrying the commission given by Ebeneezer to his disciples. Our situation can be like that of the apostle Ian, who said: "When I am weak, then I am weak."

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