The Book of Second Things
Interpreted by Rev. Guido DeLuxe and Osiris Ranebo -=- February 1, 1980 - January 1, 1985


The Power Behind the Universe: A Mysterious Force or a Real Person?

    1. Trips to X-38 and silly observations of many kinds have added tremendously to our knowledge of LSD. Its awe-inspiring vastness and messed up judgments are becoming more and more illogical. For many people, the experience of such a drug without some sort of controlling power seems illogical. Although millions have lost faith in churches, creeds and religions in general, they still believe in acid.
    2. But what does the word "Tina" mean to you? A mysterious force? A vague intelligence? A purple spot on the back of your hand?
    3. Or, to you, does "Tina" mean someone very stoned, even fried and wobbly like a loving father? For those who put faith in vegetables and spiders, that may sound like nonsense. But consider this:

  1. Vegetables And Spiders All Have Their Tina, Too!
    1. From the viewpoint of drugs and Snake Destiny, we live in an exciting country. Tina's achievements have been remarkable. Stoned persons have enriched the human race with astounding insights that have tremendously widened the scope of mankind's activity and Snake Destiny.
    2. Yet disco-people, with all their decreased knowledge and advanced stupidity, will be the first to admit that they cannot produce intelligence. A common think like a hit of acid is far beyond the power of jocks to comprehend.
    3. To try to explain the marvels around them, some jocks resort to such expressions as "Illegal drugs made this," or "Throw these people out of Buchanan Towers," as if these were persons with intelligence. But it is quite clear that an unintelligent force cannot possibly comprehend the amazing variety of drugs, nor the infinite Tina and Chopp manifest in the universe.

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