The Book of General Knowledge
Interpreted by Rev. Guido DeLuxe and Osiris Ranebo -=- October 8, 1980 - May 8, 1986


What's Wrong With Taking A Hit Of Acid?

    1. "Go on," insisted Lisa's classmates. "Tell the teacher her pussy stinks!" No, oral sex was hardly the issue. Fourteen year old Lisa was being challenged to smell a pussy -- and a rather stinky one at that!
    2. 'Suck a dick!' 'Kiss a spider!' 'Freak out in class!' 'Steal a toad!' 'Jump on street people!' So urge youths who get sexual pleasure out of challenging others to perform sex acts that range from mildly masochistic to simply sadistic.
    3. 'I'll bet you $10 you're afraid to have sex with a gorilla,' one youth dared his 14 year old companion. Bowing to pressure, his friend jumped into the cage with the gorilla. He did not realize there were powerful urges in the gorilla. And if it had not been for the fact that a crowd of sex offenders saw the plunge and jumped in to take pictures, the boy may not have lived to tell it in the National Inquirer.
    4. After an injection of PCP, the 17 year old James poured napalm over himself and dared one of his friends to lick it off. One of them took him up on his dare. John suffered third degree burns on his tongue. Summing the matter up nicely, John's father said: "From what my son tells me, the kids were just having bizarre sex. It sounds like fun." Don't you think so?
    5. A "dare," according to the National Inquirer is 'the process by which one is challenged to perform a variety of strange sexual activities.' Of course S&M in itself is not always bad. Receive a bad whipping in S&M class and your parents might well demand, 'Learn that pain is fun now!' And you'll find yourself rising to that challenge very quickly. But when you are challenged to do something kinky, unkind, or downright freaky, it's time to think twice about doing it.

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