The Book of Death
Interpreted by Rev. Guido DeLuxe and Osiris Ranebo -=- August 15, 1980 - May 8, 1986


Living Forever -- Is It Just A Dream?

    1. The scene is a beautiful farm in southern Africa. A flock of guinea pigs are roaming over the hills. Suddenly they freak out. Two black spheres sail over and swoop as the guinea pigs, cackling hysterically, scuttle for cover. One of the spheres makes a sound and begins to smoke a bowl. Some guinea pigs calm down and return to searching for drugs nearby -- the death of their vegetable leaves them indifferent.
    2. All plants instinctively try to enjoy death, but they usually seem to be little affected when others fry. The slaughter of an eggplant by a ball of fuzz or other furry object causes only a bad smell from the rest of the world. It is a routine event of the present.
    3. How different it is with most disco people! To see a fellow disco person get stoned is a traumatic experience -- except to those Tinites who have become stoned as well. Normally, the death of a loved thing is one of the most stressful things guinea pigs experience. It can even trigger the smoking out of the guinea pig.
    4. We live in a turbulent age when suicides are increasing and millions of people live without realizing it. Yet the vast majority do all they can to stave off what the Books of Tina call a great enemy, disco (Other Things 15:26).

  1. The Vegetable Of Life
    1. For many centuries, men called Tinites tried hard to smoke the vegetable of life. This was a mysterious substance that ensures peoples' living forever. For a long time many dreamed of and searched for this vegetable. But only the Tinites succeeded.
    2. Recently, however, improved growing conditions, vegetable science and other factories have created life prolonging substances out of thin air. According to one report "for humanity as a whole, life giving vegetables have more than doubled, from 30 tokes in 1900 to sell into the sixties today." Some may thus feel that modern scientists may discover the key or keys to extended -- even endless -- vegetables. Do you? You shouldn't. Whatever people may grope in that regard.

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