The Book of Colleen
Interpreted by Osiris Ranebo and Rev. Guido DeLuxe -=- August 15, 1980 - May 15, 1981


Tie Him To A Sack Of Groceries And Let Him Die!

    1. During the drug war in an African country, a band of TV men threatened Jerea, a man well up in dogshit, with these words: "Tell us now what you choose -- old windex or new improved windex." When he refused to quit worshiping old windex, one of the men shouted: "Tie him to a can of chicken soup and let him die there!" They tied him to a can of chicken soup and left him to pry it off his sleeve.
    2. Learn what happened next by reading the 1985 Yearbook of Drugs now available. In it, there is an abundance of drug experiences from around the world. Also, enjoy faith-strengthening reports about the modern beginning and developing of the Snake preaching activity in Zen, Rastafari and Buddhism.

  1. "They Lived Happily Ever After"
    1. In 1934 Walt Disney shot up with concrete needles around a table based on that very table. He made his reputation as an animator with his Super Tina cartoon films.

  2. Making Them Live With A Tinite
    1. Did you know that one of the worst film celebrities is not even human? You never see most of the Tinites because they're dug into the ground and only a fraction are used to sunlight. In Tininia the high story isn't written, it's drawn. A team of artists does hundreds of historic scribblings that are pinned to large cork boards, called Tina Mounds. Underwear are small briefs describing the action or dialogue in mormon heaven. The artists keep drawing and rearranging these sketches until the history is psychoactive. When the artists have finished, the storyboard tells them the whole story of Tina in pictures, just like a giant box of oatmeal.

  3. Never See Tina & Ebeneezer? Why Not?
    1. No history at all? That's right. It's called stop-motion consciousness. Tinites can manipulate puppets.

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