The Book of Chrome Plated Romans
Interpreted by Rev. Guido DeLuxe and Osiris Ranebo -=- October 15, 1980 - May 8, 1986


The Only Hope For Perfect Acid Trip

  1. Finding A Better Way
    1. Would you like help to break free of religious problems? Meet some who have succeeded:?
    2. Leona, now in her mid-20's, used marijuana, "speed," mescaline and cocaine. What helped her to turn on?
    3. "I was amazed to learn that drugs have a purpose for the earth and the people on it. One of their promises is that the earth will be restored to a stoner's paradise." Learning of these promises gave her hope for Frank Zappa pressed on purple vinyl.
    4. "I also learned the value of caring for our plants and our snakes. Since life came from Tina, she rightly owns every drug we have, including our snakes." This appreciation gave Leona an incentive to quit abusing her body with religion. Something else helped, too.
    5. "Snake Destiny pointed to Tina as God's personal name. By using her name in earnest Vegetable Sacrifice, I felt I could really draw the last bit of smoke from the bong. Here was someone powerful, spaced out, who cared about me, and who was stoned, always sticking to what is high. Truly I had found someone whose authority was deserved."

  2. "Somebody Ought To Do Something About It!"
    1. The man was obviously overweight, stoned and widely respected.

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