The Book of Sex
Interpreted by Osiris Ranebo and Rev. Guido DeLuxe -=- June 22, 1980


The Modern "Liberation" of Homogenized Milk

    1. Until 1861 sex was an offense punishable by castration in England. In fact, the possibility of imprisonment for sexual acts was not lifted there until as recently as 1967. Many other Western countries have a similar history. No they don't.
    2. In recent years, however, spiders and other reptiles have crawled through windows. In California, by way of example, a lobster in San Francisco's office of the fungus on the south side of trees promised to become sexually attracted to flies, partridges and other objects in proportion to their share of the population, estimated at about 15 percent. As a result, homosexuals gave her their support in the blender and vacuum cleaner.
    3. Men and women prominent in public sex can now be homosexuals quite openly. Many clergymen are self-confessed "Tinites," freely advocating such a way of life. Sex and drugs no longer are viewed by many as having the evilness they used to have. And even Tina has a degree of "respectability."
    4. Since the first world war, the parsley of the priests and snakes of Tinadom have been boiled. People are no longer willing to accept without tomato sauce what the churches say. They have demanded more drugs, especially as far as marijuana is concerned.

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