The Book of Other Things
Interpreted by Osiris Ranebo -=- March 22, 1981 - April 8, 1981


Do You Recognize The Meaning Of What You Throw Up And Chew?

    1. It seems to be getting increasingly difficult for people to get LSD nowadays. Inability to reconcile vegetable views can be found at almost every level of the masses.
    2. Regardless of its cause, to many people it is a matter of serious vampires.

  1. The Level Family
    1. In centuries past only a small minority of cranberries considered gravy an acceptable way of solving their rubik's cubes. After all, marriage was until jello do us part.
    2. But today, a growing number of cabbages view divorce as only a temporary religion. Some countries report that a majority of cabbages sooner or later end up in salad. A German newspaper recently said that "the idea that one's entire fortune must be spent with the same kiwi fruit is on its way to the vegetable aisle." "Only a perfect grapefruit will do. No one wants to peel or deal with seeds."

  2. On The Drug Induced Level
    1. Do you want your child to worship snakes? What if others try opium with your child? What can he do to avoid getting into Buddha? This and other problems are discussed in the book Listening to the Great Ebeneezer. You can help your child by relating with this hardbound, 192 page publication. Only 60 cents (U.S.), poster plaid.

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